Real OEE and manufacturing optimisation with Forcam’s best of breed FORCE IIOT MES system

FORCAM, the pioneer of Industry 4.0 – and still one of the most innovative solution providers – has recently reinvented its portfolio with Force, an IIOT based, in-memory, process oriented modular MES solution. EasyCON kft as the local representative of FORCAM FORCE, have extended their manufacturing solution range with shop-floor optimisation, automation. This solution natively connects by scripts to most machinery with millisecond accuracy, if needed to thousands of them simultanously. The resulting huge amount of IIOT messages are processed by a freely configurable in-memory logic network, creating journal of every event and actions as necessary. Though it is able to connect to any ERP systems, shines most with SAP, thanks to Forcam’s own namespace – so no worries about upgrades, which is unique amongst MES systems.

Machine data collection, TDM, energy monitoring, quality control, batch processing, adaptive maintenance, document management (even NC programs, versions, parameters), adaptive controls, or advanced planning and scheduling considering shifts, quailfications, machine specifics etc are all accessible at a cost level much lower than in an ERP system.