Management consultancy

It is our company’s priority to cooperate with our clients and thus support them in achieving their goals, with a view to their long-term objectives. We offer a variety of management and information-management consultancy services to that end.


Management consultancy

Transformation of an organisation is a natural phenomenon in business, as one needs to meet new challenges on a daily basis, which can only be done by a flexible company, which adapts easily to new conditions. Our consultants can assist in large-scale restructuring, project management as well as in shaping a complete strategy.

Allow us to assist you with our competencies in the following areas:


Consultancy in organisation

·         Process analysis, process development, process management, process output measurement, improvement of efficiency.

·         Drafting organisational documentation, with review and updating.


Project consultancy

·         Project planning and management, quality assurance of methodology and content, team management.

·         Cost-effectiveness analysis, feasibility and sustainability study, project risk-management, change management (for EU-funded projects as well).


Strategic consultancy

Design and review of strategies, with methodological and content support for the updating.


Knowledge management, education management and development of online training

·         Management of organisational knowledge (integration and redistribution).

·         Introduction and development of online training, education management (design of traditional and online courses with their administration).




·         STEP, STEEP, STEEPLE, BCG, G.E, ADL Portfolio, Porter's 5-force model, Industry maturity, Competitive Position, Competitive Situation Analysis, Ansoff matrix (strategic options), financial ratios, problem tree, goal tree,  SWOT, Porter's  generic strategies, Logical Frame Matrix,  stakeholder analysis, Change Management, Balanced ScoreCard

·         Value Chain Analysis, BPR, BPA, BPM, PPM, GDPM



Information-management consultancy

Our clients find it a priority to access information available to them and IT resources efficiently, with the appropriate authorisation and in the fastest possible way, promoting company operations. Information management is designed to organise, store and categorise information in a way that serves this purpose. Our consultants can help solve IT-related problems in the following information management areas:


Management, quality assurance and audit of IT-projects

·         Management of programs and project portfolios.

·         Design and management of IT projects, quality assurance of the content, cost-efficiency analysis for the team-management, ROI calculations, feasibility and sustainability analysis, risk management, change management.

·         ERP, BI, ECM/DMS, LMS, PMS and other systems (implementation, re-implementation, integration, migration, consolidation; SOA-elements; server-, Storage-, Desktop, printer-consolidation, outsourcing/insourcing, security equipment and more).

·         Project screening and audit, recommendations, successful completion.

·         Drafting, review and updating of project management regulations, project-management office (PMO) tasks


Strategic consultancy in IT-issues

Drafting, review and updating of IT strategy with methodological and content support.


IT and IT-security consultancy

·         Specification, tendering, assessment, selection, introduction and installation of IT-systems with methodological and professional support.

·         Implementation, assessment, reimplementation and integration of applications.

·         Upgrading of the architecture.

·         Consolidation and migration of application and equipment.

·         Consultancy on data centres.

·         Consultancy in IT-governance.

·         Consultancy in IT services and operation.

·         Consultancy in information security and security control systems.


Methodology; standards:

CoBIT (5, 4), ITIL (v4, v3) / ISO 20 000, SOA, ISO 27 001, GDPM, PRINCE (II), Grartner Strategic Frame