About Us

EasyCON Ltd. was founded on the basis of several decade long professional, consulting and management experiences of the SAP market. Our main objective is to provide services with high added value and high quality for SAP and other IT systems and solutions.

EasyCON’s SAP consulting team of cc. 60 consultants works in local and foreign:

  • implementation,
  • roll-out, or
  • support projects.


A steadily growing number of clients are pleased with the quality work of our experts every year. Added to having an increasingly profound knowledge of SAP solutions, we are constantly gaining experiences in mapping and supporting industry processes and functions in SAP systems


We have experience in:

  • pharmaceutical,
  • automotive,
  • machinery,
  • electronics,
  • trade,
  • oil and chemical industries,
  • and professional services just to name a few.


We emphasize partnerships. We have realized that a relationship based on mutual trust brings numerous professional and business advantages for each market player. Together with our international partners we successfully realize or provide SAP resources to SAP roll-out implementation projects from or in Hungary.


We are an active member of: 

  • Business Network International,
  • Menedzserek Országos Szövetsége (Hungarian Association of Executives),
  • Magyar Logisztikai Beszerzési és Készletezési Társaság (Hungarian Association of Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory Management).


Through our extensive network of relationships with nearly 900 Hungarian consultants, we are able to strengthen our own resources with insourcing. However, we also emphasize the highest possible level of adaptation and professional standard.


EasyCON in its professional mission emphasizes to:

  • realize its tasks in simple and plain ways, deliver results and solutions which best meet its clients’ requirements,
  • quickly recognize and identify its clients’ demands, and offer the best solutions in the shortest possible time,
  • effectively and cost-efficiently manage and bring projects and tasks to success for the sake of its customers.


EasyCon ensures the highest level of professional standards by only employing senior consultants with highly comprehensive professional experiences, who in their own specialties have proven their suitability and gained their clients’ honorable acknowledgement numerous times.


Strategic business areas:

  • SAP Operational Support
  • SAP Roll-Out Support
  • SAP BI Consulting
  • SAP HR Consulting and Support
  • SAP Euro Conversion
  • SAP "near shore" Development
  • SAP Resource Pool


Our most important partners in Hungary are:

Our most important international partners are: