SAP Operational Support

An increasing number of middle and large enterprises decide to outsource its IT functions or system operations as a whole or in part. We are prepared for this kind of projects. Our operating team undertakes to operate the IT infrastructure as well as SAP modules.

We customize our support and operating services to meet our clients’ needs. Three kinds of support services are available:

The easiest and simplest way is within the scope of a framework support contract, which enables our clients to call off our services ad hoc, the required quantity and scope agreed on in advance.

A more cooperative level is when regular support tasks are provided. As the quantity of tasks requires, we receive and answer incoming demands via our own ticketing system, which also serves as the basis for monitoring and monthly reports.

For clients who require a continuous on-site support within an outsourcing or intensive support agreement, we station our consultants on the clients’ sites in the timeframe as the agreement and the tasks necessitate, and provide a transparent record of utilization.

Our standing operating team enables us to assign dedicated consultants to our clients, which enables them to acquire the client-specific processes, and they deliver our services within the agreed timeframe. We only diverge from this procedure in emergency situations as the workload of our consultants necessitate.

Our experienced team is able to quickly take over the operation of the systems, and is ready for correcting bugs, answering user questions, or implement development ideas.