SAP Implementation

Our Company regards Hungarian middle sized businesses as a strategic area. We are aware that our clients prefer quick and trouble free IT project implementation with the biggest possible ROI.

SAP Upgrade

Based on the demands and experiences of more than 120.000 clients, SAP AG has continuously improved its system since 1972. Improvements also include compliance to country-specific legislations.

SAP Roll-Out Support

We support our foreign partners in mapping the country specific specialties (i.e. legislation) in roll-out projects.

Client-side support

There are special areas where consulting is necessary, or simply our clients choose to involve our experts to spare their own resources.

SAP Operational Support

An increasing number of middle and large enterprises decide to outsource its IT functions or system operations as a whole or in part. We are prepared for this kind of projects. Our operating team undertakes to operate the IT infrastructure as well as SAP modules.

SAP "near shore" Development

Specific and more comprehensive SAP projects often raise development requirements. To enable our partners to save time and cost, we are ready to perform these tasks in completeness via remote or on-site work.

SAP and IT Resource Management Pool

We offer our pool of consulting and developing resources to our partners and clients to fulfil their periodic or long-time resource needs.

Project Management

Our senior project managers can facilitate more efficient and safer project realization for our clients.

Professzionális bevezetési és támogatási tanácsadás az SAP SuccessFactors moduljainak tekintetében

Az EasyCON Tanácsadó Kft. stratégiai célkitűzésként kezeli a modern felhőalkalmazások piaci bevezetését, mind értékesítési, mind tanácsadási területeken.



Ennek a célkitűzésnek megfelelően az EasyCON Tanácsadó Kft. 2015-ben stratégiai partneri megállapodást kötött az SAP Magyarországgal a SuccessFactors HCM / HR felhő alkalmazások forgalmazására és bevezetésére az Európai Gazdasági Térségre vonatkozóan, elsőként a magyar SAP tanácsadói szervezetek körében.

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SAP HR Consulting and Support

EasyCON Ltd. is one of the leading players in Hungarian SAP HR area. We support the SAP HR implementation and operation of numerous large and middle sized businesses.

SAP Production Planning and Lean Consulting

Senior consultants of EasyCon Ltd. have a 30-year experience in mapping and customizing different manufacturing and production models in SAP. The efficient operation of production planning requires a process-focused approach. Hence applying LEAN, Six Sigma, Kaizen etc. process management methodologies in practice, and supporting them in SAP are usually the integrated part of our logistics and production projects.

SAP BI Consulting

SAP BI solutions belong to our company’s strategic areas where we have significant consulting resources and experiences

Management consultancy

It is our company’s priority to cooperate with our clients and thus support them in achieving their goals, with a view to their long-term objectives. We offer a variety of management and information-management consultancy services to that end.

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SAP EURO Conversion

Substantial legal concessions have facilitated the use of Euro in business dealings since 2010 in Hungary.

Converting the company’s basic currency to EUR or USD will simplify the company’s book-keeping and reporting and make these more efficient when using SAP. Our methodology built on SAP standard tools offers a simple and quick transition.