eDocument Solution - Hungary Online Invoice Registration

EasyCON Ltd. intends to provide solutions for Online Registration of Invoices for Hungary.

  • SAP standard solution
  • EasyCON own solution


Hungarian Regulation – Highlights

  • According to the Tax Package voted by the Parliament on 7th June 2016 which added the Subsection (2/a) to the Section 31/B. of Act XCII/2003 on Rules of Taxation, the data of issued invoices must be reported to the tax authority if the customer is a domestic partner who is subject of VAT and the VAT amount exceeds 100.000 HUF.
  • Every company and industry (SD, Self Billing in MM, RE-FX, IS-U) must apply the new rule starting from 1st July 2018.
  • The invoice data of invoices/correction invoices must be reported to the tax authority which were issued in SAP either by a Hungarian company or by a foreign company using a Hungarian VAT ID.
  • The electronic invoice obligation includes emission and transmission of the XML files for: Invoice, Correction invoice, Down payment invoice + Down payment settlement any component dependent invoice types, reversal of all above listed invoice types, adjustment reversal invoice (IS-U specific).
  • These electronic documents must have the digital format -XML- with mandatory information required and must be submitted to the tax authority (NAV). Tax authority (NAV) will receive XML-file and will send a message after receiving the invoice data.


Outgoing eInvoicing for a Billing Document