Project Managers, OCM (USA)

Position code: 
Duration of the project: 
Minimum of 1 year
USA (Parsippany, NJ)
Full time

Requirement for consultants:

  1. At least 10 years’ experience at the relevant role, preferably with global implementation of SAP in pharmaceutical industry.
  2. For the USA - fluent English.
  3. Frequent international business trips. For the USA consultants, they’ll be located in New Jersey and travel when required (when we get information on how often and how long the trips will last, I’ll inform you) across the USA -to Irvine California; Salt Lake City (W), Salt Lake City (E) Utah; Florida. 
  4. Project start – December 2019. The duration is for about a year.
  5. Planned work load 100%.
  6. Main location of project work: in the USA (it’s also very important to have a work permit for those who’ll work in the USA).

The project will be executed in 2 regional hubs, one is located in Europe, to support European countries rollout, and this regional hub will be in USA, Parsippany, NJ, to support North America's plants rollout. The vendor's resources will work from the respective regional hub. The plants in US are located: US: Irvine California; Salt Lake City (2 Plants: West and East) Utah; and Florida.


SAP deployment roles:


Project Lead

Overall Project lead from Customer Business, Customer IT and SI partner managing EU commercial and US manufacturing separately.

Project Management

PMO Support

PMO support to respective Project leads.

Project Management

Integration manager

Integration managers from SI partners managing the IT aspects of the solution in EU and US each.

Project Management

Test Manager

Test managers - manage overall test activity i.e. integration test and UAT.

Project Management

Cutover Lead

Cutover lead - manage technical and functional cutover activities in EU and US separately.

Project Management

OCM Lead

Change management, Communication and Training material

Project Management -change management

Training manager

Training lead

Project Management